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New pricing policies will be introduced MAY 1st. 2017.  Regular DAY CARE clients will be the only dogs allowed access to the kennel prior to our morning hours. If you want your dog in early for overnight boarding you must come in the evening/day before you start your vacation​. If you want to pick up your dog after hours then there will be an extra night's fee added to the bill as well.

We always try our best to answer our phones or our door so if you need a space for your pet we will happily accommodate last minute plans!  March Break will soon be here and it fills up fast, if you are thinking about going somewhere let us know soon!  It's better to cancel out your vacation space 24 hours before your book in time then to miss your opportunity completely. Just let us know your plans and we can make arrangements for you. We are only a click or call away!

 DaMax Kennels is a cash only business!   You save money because we don't have to pay for credit card charges or worry about bounced cheques.  We accept payment upon pick up, HST is built in to all of our prices !

Why choose DaMax Kennels over any other boarding kennel or home-based carer?  Others talk about their schooling, taking courses and winning awards, here we have 18 years of expertise in boarding dogs and cats.  Before coming to Stratford, Maxine taught a comprehensive Animal Care Aide course for 6 years at the college level in Kitchener and Guelph! In 2003, Maxine was certified by the C.K.C. for Canine Good Neighbour Testing. Everything you need to feel comfortable about your pet's stay here can be offered with her extensive knowledge of all things to do with your pet.  Dave and Maxine have also raised German Shepherd Dogs and Siamese Cats for over 20 years, bringing that specialization into our boarding  services.

We also offer free roam boarding, which means your pet can be placed with other dogs that have their energy level, and temperament so they can have the full socialization "pack" experience that so many urban pets crave! We don't limit their time outside! The minute the doors of their bedtime space go up in the morning to their late evening bathroom break, other than private mealtimes, their doors are open.  Likewise, if  you choose or your pet doesn't want to mingle, they can have their own open door, private space that still allows them the full outdoors experience. We take special care of the old, infirm or challenged pets here, medications and injections are never an issue.  If other kennels offer temperature control that only means that doors are closed! Your pet is locked in or locked out.... except for a couple of times per day.

Finally, DaMax Kennels offers your pet a unique boarding experience without the huge cost of other places.  We only take cash which saves you the extra cost of credit/debit transactions. We don't keep adding special "extras"  (playtime, pool time) which can't be verified by your pet until your bill becomes a surprise upon your return, we are all inclusive! The fee you see is the fee you pay! 


DaMax Kennels wants to help you through your work day without worrying about your pet. Our hours are flexible for the times you need regardless of your shift. We offer various spaces for all needs and temperaments. Call us to find out more about our day care services. Look up DaMax Kennels on Facebook!

​​While visiting any of our Stratford Theatres'

Festival Performances' Day Care Packages

Afternoon performances in by lunch and out by 6pm. Weekday Matinees - $15. / dog.

Evening performances during the week in before 6pm. out after 10pm. are $25./dog. Weekend evening performances in before 12 noon only....out after 10pm. $25./dog.

Weekend Matinees by special appointment only. Call Us.

Day Care for Dogs in Stratford

Dog Behaviour Consultations & Private Lessons. On Your Schedule for Your Specific Needs.

Training is communication between the dog and the handler, not what piece  of training equipment your dog is wearing or what type of treats we have in our pockets! We offer a customized training plan for you and your family pet.  Appointments are $200. for 2hrs+ & training manual.

Training the Balanced Way will help you build a respectful relationship with your dog. We aren't naïve enough to believe that every dog is "good" all of the time, just as every dog isn't "bad" all of the time, so it is important for you to sort out the acceptable behaviours from the unacceptable behaviours to clearly communicate your limits and expectations to your dog.  Training  should be what you want and need, your rules for your dog.

We are available most mornings from 10am. to noon and during the week early afternoons or evenings. Making sure that everyone that deals with your dogs gets first hand information and all of their questions answered. If your problem is on your walks, we can go for a walk and help you with that too! No problem is too small or too big, if it concerns you, it concerns me!

The fee per day is the fee you pay at DaMax Kennels!  There are no extra charges for play time, pool time or TLC, your pet always gets our attention. We are an "all inclusive" vacation spot for your pet. That means your dog is free to play outdoors or rest inside whenever they choose. You don't have to worry about how many walks are included, your pet decides the amount of  exercise they want and nap time is included free!  We have been taking care of pets here for 18 years with lots of happy customers that keep coming back year after year.

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                                                                                  SINGLE RUN $18./NIGHT, DOUBLE RUN $36./NIGHT           


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