Our training courses are priced by the 2 hour session -$200. CASH (HST included) within 20 minutes of Stratford. Any farther away and mileage will be added at the cost of .25 cents/ km one way. I use Google maps for distance charges. A repeat visit can be scheduled at the time of the first visit or within two weeks of your first visit for an additional cost of $75. an hour plus mileage if applicable. We can cover anything you need including walking through your neighbourhood, corrective dog handling and behavioural modifications.

What do our Individual Training Courses Cost?

 Individual training classes in your home during the week and on weekends from 9am. to noon. Afternoon or evening classes can be arranged during the week, so everyone that deals with your dog can be present during the training information session. We only do morning classes on weekends. Classes on holidays could be arranged for special circumstances.

Individual training classes can also be arranged at DaMax Kennels' indoor/outdoor training facility if you are coming to Stratford from farther away.  For example, if you would like to incorporate a training session before or after you have your dog at DaMax' boarding facility, just set up an appointment, let us know what problems you are experiencing and we can work with you. We can even work with your dog while you are gone, to help correct the behaviours you can't control.  Many problems include jumping all over people, pulling on the leash and not coming when called. All of these behaviour are directly a product of the lack of respect your dog has for you. The "after boarding" classes are offered for $100. for an hour+. Any training equipment can be purchased separately, all of our items have the HST built into their prices. We only accept cash.

Our training courses include a training manual that includes two basic training methods explained thoroughly, how dogs learn, what we should expect of them and what they need to expect from us to make them comfortable within your home environment.   Canine communication information, behavioural development charts, information on training equipment, feeding recommendations, training tips, recognizing behaviour problems from puppy nipping to adult aggression, behaviour modifications, vaccination information, parasites, canine diseases, house-training, poisonous plants, first aid information & treatment charts and much, much, more..... 

Learning proper play with Mom Geri

Chilling with Uncle Raider

Six weeks old with social skills & manners....Stay!

Exploring and sharpening your senses.

Behaviours seen from birth &

as your puppy grows,

and what happens next?

 What are some of the topics  covered by our in-home training?

* Day Care for all breeds of dogs

* Over night boarding for all breeds of dogs &

   cats in their own private areas.

   See our boarding page for more information on Rates.

*Personalized Behaviour Consultations

for new puppies to adult dogs, at DaMax Kennels or in your own home.

* In-home training for your pet dog and your people. Learning how to deal with a reactive   dog and understanding canine communication methods including body language and the essential "dog pack" rules. Training when and where you are the most comfortable.

Pet Services Available at DaMax Kennels

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Cell 519-276-7950 

DaMax Watsons Raider  "Raider"

Watsons Turquoise Kachina  "Tori"

Turning into well-behaved adult dogs that are your pride & joy.  We teach canine communication, how to read body language, & why our dogs do what they do.  How to recognize behaviours that we don't like and learning how to replace them with behaviours we do like every time. We help to make the most of your training efforts with clear communication and follow-through. Balanced training is based on mutual respect and leadership, not who has the best treats! Luring & rewards can be useful for pups but it shouldn't be your last step!

How to find us..... 

Two of our finest Teachers!  Without them there would not have been "DaMax Kennels".