3404 Rd. 113 Embro Road

     Stratford, Ontario N5A 6S3

      Business # 519-271-8950

          Cell # 519-276-7950    

           NO TEXTS, Please!  


This Google map is not accurate!   We are two roads south of Stratford on Perth Rd. 113, at the flashing light & stop sign! Corner of Line 26.Most GPS units cannot find us...      Please call us if you are unsure.

Directions from Kitchener-Waterloo: Take Hw. 7&8 west towards Stratford. Going through New Hamburg over the river is a set of traffic lights, continue through until you come to a final set of traffic lights. The name of the road is Wilmot-Easthope Road 1, turn left (south) and continue on about 10 minutes, this brings you into Tavistock. At the traffic lights (gas station) go straight through past the  Valu-Mart Grocery store and LCBO, this is Perth Line #26. We are 7 minutes west on this road.  Through Harmony (yellow flashing light) and the next yellow flashing light is our corner Perth Road 113 and Perth Line 26.   Look for the sign in the picture above!

We are approximately 15 minutes southwest of New Hamburg, 30 minutes west of Kitchener, 40 minutes east of London, 20 minutes north of the 401 Exit  222 and 3 minutes south of Stratford.

We live on the property making it easy to contact us for out of hour appointments. We try  our best to accommodate you and your pet!

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Cell 519-276-7950 

Our Location is just outside Stratford, On. Two acres close to town , a country retreat!  Sunday Afternoon hours are 6pm.to 8pm.

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Please call or Email only! I have an old flip phone and I don't text!        Thanks !  Maxine