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Cell 519-276-7950 

We have a half-acre grass running yard on the east side of the kennel. Six private grass yards along the north end of the kennel and two extra large group play yards attached to private pens on the east and west side  of the kennel.  All yards are surrounded by a 5' high chain link security fence. We have six yards (3 singles and 3 doubles) that are completely roofed, including the 10'x35' outdoor runs for those exceptional jumping athletes! There are plenty of trees for shade, two large wading ponds in the large yards and a private pool for any dogs in the separate yards that love the water. We also provide separate yards for those day care dogs that aren't supposed to get wet. All dogs have an equal opportunity to be out in an exercise yard for most of their day. Even if they don't get along with others, nine play yards allow plenty of time to play for all to enjoy! We do take intact males on an individual basis, if they don't mark inside, we will try to accommodate them in our private yards so they can enjoy the outdoors too. However, if they mark and have a noticeable odour, then an extra charge will be added ($5./day) for the extra clean up necessary.

We live here, making it easier for you to contact us. We also try to accommodate you and your pet as much as possible, so if you are passing through when we are closed, give us a call and we can send your pet home with you making one less trip for tired travellers. We aim to please!

DaMax Kennels, located in Stratford Ontario, is a cash only business, that helps keep our costs low because we don't worry about extra credit card charges or bounced cheques. HST is built into all of our prices. Payment is due when you pick up your pet.

What DaMax Kennels  Offers 

David and Maxine Watson came to Stratford & started this business in 2000, along with their three sons, Joe, Jim and Dave. With lots of hard work, adding chain link fences and new privacy runs.  We were ready to provide an alternative to the typical caged environment offered by most other kennels. DaMax Kennels is a free roam space, social dogs get to relax, run and play with others like them all day long, as they choose.  No  " twice a day, 15 or 20 minutes" time limit here!  Puppies have nap times & old dogs have their own private spaces.

We Care about your pets' comfort & safety.

Care and comfort matter to us as much as it matters to you and your pets. When you’re away, we don’t want you to have the slightest worry. Instant replies to your e-mails keep you connected with your pet.
Our personalized care follows your feeding schedule, your medications if needed, and all the outdoor time your dog wants and needs. Bring something that smells like home for that special touch.